fidem et fortitudinem


The Vintage Christianus Gymnasi

look your best while working out in Fashion with our classic and vintage designs on our broad selection of clothing and equipment



Bretheren Clothing Originals

ook cold and composed throughout all your outdoor training and day to day life with The Original sleek logo design, designed from the mindset of Real, gritty discipline.

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What we keep in mind

With the divine fusion of unwavering faith, timeless masculinity, and unyielding strength. We understand that the journey of a man is one of faith, fortitude, fitness, and perseverance through the hardships of life.

Our brand is dedicated to empowering you in every aspect of your physical development, Bretheren Clothing stands as a testament to the enduring strength found in christian faith to discreetly move you closer to the mindset of repentance so that you can grow closer in your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Our brand reputation is keeping a forgiving, patient and generous mindset whilst simultaneously being aware of what those do to us yet forgiving and embracing them nomatter their actions

Our Promise